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Melbourne Bath Repairs experience technician’s maintenance services offered are varied and extensive and include the following:

Repairing surface chips/burns, dents, scratches, stains and scuff marks including:

Bench Tops (Laminate/Stone)



Vanity Basins/Bowls

Tiles, Floor, Wall Showers

Indoor and Outdoor Spas


Repairing of the following:

Tile overcuts to shower base, bath hobs/mixers

Cracks to bath, shower bases, vanity bowls

Removal of dents, scratches and marks from window frames, door sliders, door handles, garage doors and re-coating after repairs

Mortar- brick re-filling and re-colouring

Repair cracked/hollow bases


Aluminium Repairs and Surface Polishing Including:

Window frames

Tile Trims

Tap ware

Shower Screen Frames  

Guttering and Fascia

Pool and Spa Fencing



Timber Repairs and Surface Polishing Including:

Timber Doors

Floor Boards


Window Frames


Melbourne Polishing Services:

Glass Panels

Shower Glass, removal of soap build up


Kitchen Sinks and Laundry Troughs

Stainless Steel Elements

Baths, Shower Bases, Spa Baths